Still passionate about what we do

How in the name of god is it possible to work with surveys for more than decades and still get fired up about it? Fair question, we admit …

First of all, some 20 years ago, when the Internet was just a fad, we set out to turn surveying into real one-to-one dialogs and it’s only just now that we are starting to see it take real shape. Secondly, we really believe in the power and the necessity of feedback in order to change. Apart from these two, slightly nerdy traits, we do actually believe that companies can do so much more, and have much more to gain, from being serious about the customer experience that they deliver. And yet, in spite of all the time that has passed, we believe that we have our best work in front of us and that we really have something to bring to the table.

That being said, here are a few other things that we believe

  1. If you haven’t read it yet, here it is again: Both Jesus and the Devil reside in the details
  2. For most companies the overall transition is massive meaning that people, processes, systems and culture need a re-think and change – and change is hard
  3. It’s a journey that all companies must embark on if they are to survive in the long run
  4. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy –but it’s always fun and meaningful for all stakeholders
  5. Human beings are always intuitive, always emotional and sometimes rational
  6. If you don’t really believe in customer satisfaction – don’t bother with any CX initiatives because you can’t fake it
  7. Keep your promises.
  8. Be serious but don’t take yourself too seriously
  9. Everything doesn’t have to be bells and whistles – but it has to be adequate and fit for purpose
  10. If you want a relationship with your customers and not just a series of transactions you need to think about how relationships are created, structured and how they grow, not between companies and consumers but between human beings – and then start acting accordingly.