Engaging and exciting survey software … really!? Absolutely!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, surveying isn’t the hottest topic on earth but it can be far hotter than you might imagine. Both for you and your customers. Four things are needed:

  1. Ability to follow individual customers though out the life cycle
  2. Engage with customers on their own terms
  3. Make your analytics both descriptive and predictive
  4. Functionality that spreads the word and drives action

We been in this industry before it even existed and we are now in a place where technology no longer is the bottleneck. That’s why are happy to be among the selected few that are qualified enough to partner up  closely with some leading technologies that really can do the job.

Follow individual customers through the entire life cycle

You need to go from siloed data across departments to being able generate meaningful insight that really connect all the dots that customer life cycles are made up of. To do this you need a single system of records that keeps track of customer and combines and maintains all your operational and experience data.

Engage with customers on their own terms

Get straight to the issues that matter to customers with dynamic data collection tools that adapt intelligently to feedback in real-time. Start conversations with customers when and where it suits them with email, SMS, web, chat apps, online review sites, mobile app, wearables, and many more. And do all of the above – personalized beyond Hi “Fname#

Make your analytics both descriptive and predictive

Having clear pictures of the root causes behind a customer experience will increase your efficiency. If you combine that with predictive analytics you can act on experiences that haven’t even taken place yet, that will put you in the lead – and that shouldn’t require a bunch of time or tech people or statisticians…

Functionality that spreads the word and drives action

Everyone should be able to act on customer insights with intuitive interfaces and integrations with the tools they already use. Insights should surface proactively tailored by role and industry, to every stakeholder, from the leadership team to the frontline. You should be able to collaborate across the organization with action planning tools. Tag owners, set deadlines, and even supply step-by-step guidance to enabling all employees to delight your customers.