Get rid of blind spots and lose silos on the way

A mash is what you need when you have some data collection processes in place, but suffer from blind spots and siloed data that prevent you from really “connecting the dots”. It’s like a BI solution specially crafted for feedback and customer experience efforts.

A lot of the time you might have some working data capturing processes in place such as

  • Interactive VR
  • Usabilla or Hotjar or any other online developers feedback tool
  • External research agency going for annual Csatsor SKI or the equivalent
  • Home made or of shelf survey gizmo or look alike for various use cases

This might take you couple of steps on your CX journey but there will often be important things missing.

  1. You are likely to have some crucial blind spots and lack some toolingsand methodologies –
  2. More importantly you are likely to suffer from siloed data that prevents you from drawing complete pictures that helps drive your CX efforts

Your next move is either

  1. Let it be… and stand still
  2. Invest on a better “capture all, do all” feedback platform.
  3. Deploy our mash up solutions

Feedback labs mash up solutions seamlessly ingest data across all touchpoints, harmonizes it and breaks down siloes that prevents you from seeing the whole picture, from interaction, to journey to overall experience and its impact on Business outcomes.

Presented in our or your analytics and dashboard environment. And yes, you may use our templates.

Answers we give when done

  • How important are different touchpoints and journeys in relation to overall experience and business outcomes?
  • Within what level should you NPS, CES or Csatbe for various segments and journeys?
  • What’s it all worth and how much may it cost?
  • And many more