Both Jesus and the devil reside in the the details

Creating winning CX programs requires a systematic and cohesive approach. Our meticulous methods connect all the dots and build mechanisms for real change.


Companies need different strategies and mechanisms depending on situation and CX maturity. We serve as a a speaking partner throughout this journey. Helping you untangle problems, pointing at solutions, and then rolling up the sleeves and doing it.


We design, implement and run programs along tree core processes that are proven to be essential to success.

We talk a lot about the importance of being cohesive and connecting the dots. This is what we mean.


How, when, why and how much are the pillar questions of Customer Experience. In order to answer these questions – not survey by survey – but from a holistic and much more meaningful  perspective. X  data and O data must be identifiable and coherent, so you can connect them throughout the customer life cycle to all of the behaviours a customer has. And this is rarely the case and because of it, it is also the primary reason as to why most companies fail to answer the big meaningful questions such as What level of satisfaction do we need in different touchpoints in order to secure more revenue or less cost.


When the data dots are properly connected, the whole feedback program becomes much more relevant. As such it is much easier to connect it to business processes such as Closing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd loop, integrating it into the Business review processes and making everyone accountable – from top management to customer facing employees. Connecting it to CRM and all Cross sell and Up sell activities. Why is it easier? Because it has CX and its different metrics has been monetized beyond just more “Better CX is more money”– properly connected, you will know exactly how much and when so you can balance your initiatives accordingly.