Most companies aren't even close to realising their full potential when it comes to delivering on customer experience - that's why we exist.

We provide and implement tools and methods that accelerate your customer experience program

We like feedback. Surveys? Not so much. Which is why we use technologies that provide loads of feedback and insight with no or very little surveying.

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Jesus and the devil reside in the details! So you need almost nerdy craftsmanship in order to really connect the dots required to drive real insight and change.

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We are an “&” company. We believe that no strategy is better than its implementation, and no software is better than its usage. So, we’ve decided to reside in the middle so you don’t get stuck there …


We believe you can differ
through customer experience

When customer experience is pretty much the only thing that
separates the best from the rest, every company ought to strive for
excellence, which is also often the case. Yet most don’t event come
close to realizing their full potential – that is why we exist!


Curiosity for new
technologies and methods

We constantly explore, elaborate and strive to master new feedback
technologies and methods that enables your organisation to start
delivering a sustainable and deliberate customer experience – from
multiple perspectives, in every sense, in alltouchpoints, all the time.


Design and Implement
essential tools and processes

Companies need different strategies and tools depending on
situation and throughout its CX maturity journey. We serve as a
speaking partner throughout this journey. Helping you understand
and untangling the problems, pointing at solutions, figuring out how to
implement them - and then rolling up the sleeves and doing it.

Some Differ

We are very proud to work with many successful Swedish and international brands. Here is a sample of some of our clients that dare to differ.

What difference does it make?

If customer experience, employee engagement, sustainability, advanced analytics and AI  is too fluffy for you:

After a bad experience, 22% decreased spending and 19% stopped completely.

Over the course of 24 months our client improved its Net Promotor Score by 40 points.

One client showed positive ROI just by closing the first loop – the rest was just icing on the cake.

Companies with high CX maturity financially outperform their peers.